Further into Flourishing 

Become More Alive in God, Make More Room for what Matters Most,

and Serve Others in More Transformational Ways

An Online Class Offered by Nick Howard, Psy.D.

(Class starts Tuesday, October 10th at 11 am est.)

Our audacious dream for you is that you FLOURISH in your life and as a leader.

At the Finish Well Group, (FinishWellGroup.com) we help Christian leaders have a more alive, vibrant soul, bring life to their most important relationships, and fulfill the heart of their callings.

God is glorified when we fulfill our callings in the richest sense of the word--as we become more and more alive in Him. 

But, fulfilling our calling is way easier said than done. While life and ministry can be incredibly fulfilling, they can also bring unexpected and even daunting challenges.  

Your desire to honor God with your life can over time expose you to greater challenges or battles, such as : 

Finding yourself neglecting your soul, your spouse, or your family because you struggle with people pleasing and disappointing others...

Finding yourself battling drivenness and excessive self-reliance...

Noticing that your ego drives you quite a bit more than you thought it would... 

Having a nagging sense that there probably should be more "fullness" in your life...

Lastly, do you ever think, "If I keep going like this, it could really hurt those I love the most," or perhaps even worse, "I just can't keep going like this."

Sadly, we likely all know people who gave so much to ministry, that they lost their ministry…and so much more. 

If some or most of these concerns fit you, there is hope. For sure. God provides hope in a number of ways. At the Finish Well Group, we believe we are called to be one avenue for turning things around, for helping Christian leaders flourish…even if you feel like this guy. :-)​

I know I've been there before and it still hits every once in a while! 

What really brought these realities home for me was a time around 15 years ago when I was a few years out of graduate school, as a fairly new psychologist. 

I had no idea how naive I was.

I didn't see how insufficient my good intentions were against the subtle and brutal powers of darkness.  

I didn't see or even know the lies I was believing that distorted my view of my calling and drained my life. 

These realities became painfully clear as I got more and more frustrated in my work with one particularly demanding and difficult client. It became agonizing to go to work, and the stress was clearly taking a toll on my marriage.

My approach to my vocation was draining my life and damaging my most important relationships.  

Fullness and freedom were becoming increasingly foreign concepts, and I started entered that terrible realm of hypocrisy...I was starting to teach what I wasn't living. That was becoming very troubling. 

My desperation finally drove me to a wise guide who helped me see how much I had missed, and how to get back on track not only with this client, but also with my life and vocation.

​While it was a truly difficult time with some tough lessons, by the grace of God, I have learned how to navigate my calling with greater clarity and wisdom.

I am certainly still a work in progress, (ask my dear wife!), yet the invaluable lessons from that time have been a huge gift for me, and for my vocation. 

I am gradually flourishing in more and more real ways...in my walk with God, my marriage, my relationship with my kids, professionally, and personally as well.

And, it turns out my firm is now devoted to helping Christian leaders flourish. 

Since 2002 I have gradually transitioned to coaching and training Christian leaders. I've had the privilege of helping people like these become more effective and fulfilled in their lives and roles.

  • Senior Pastors
  • Assistant Pastors
  • Youth Pastors/Youth Leaders
  • Christian Executives, such as CEO's
  • Christian Business Owners
  • Christian Administrators
  • And other folks who want to flourish!

​It has been such a privilege to work with these people.

It has been such a gift to see so many of them gradually move towards flourishing in their lives and roles, with a much greater shot at finishing well. 

In the thousands of hours of coaching work with them, and in over ten years of training hundreds of leaders, it has been so striking to see the universal challenges they have faced. Challenges that I faced, and continue to face, that must be addressed well to truly flourish.

Challenges and questions like these would come up over and over in conversations: 

  • How do you deal with the endless requests and unrealistic expectations of others?
  • How do I have realistic expectations of myself? 
  • Do you think my worth in God doesn't come from what I do?  
  • How do I learn how to say no?
  • You mean I'm called to flourish? Wouldn't that be selfish? 
  • How do I deal with feeling guilty if I disappoint others or really start to enjoy my life? 
  • Why do I need a retreat?  What do you do on one?
  • You think I need to play? Isn't that immature or just for kids?
  • Can I really trust God to meet some needs people have, and that I may not be the one to help? 

What would it be like if you had strong, biblical answers to those questions, and then the support and capacity to live them out? Wouldn't that be nice?

It is possible to move from floundering to flourishing, and from scrambling to life to the full. I promise. I'm not saying it is easy. It does take time and lots of practice.  But, I've seen it happen time and time again.

And it's not about someone's gifts, it's about their willingness to learn and try new things.  

It's about their willingness to receive help and step out in faith.  

Anyone can grow in these areas. 

It has been so rich to be a part of helping a lot of the people I've served find really good answers to those questions. ​

In light of my lasting passion to help Christian leaders flourish, and as I have grappled with the major challenges leaders face, prayed about them, and worked on developing biblical answers with trusted others, it dawned on me that creating a course designed to help people successfully navigate the demands in ministry and leadership could give some people a real stab at moving further into flourishing.  

So, I've worked to create a biblically and psychologically informed approach to Christian callings that focuses on the key perspectives and practices to set your life up to flourish and finish well...and bring as much glory to God as you can with your one life. ​

So, after years of preparation, I offered an online class this past fall for the very first time. And, then I taught it again last Spring. 

Gratefully, both of the classes went well. ​

The students learned. I learned.

Lives were enriched.

Ministries were strengthened.  

Marriages and families got a bit healthier. 🙂  

Flourishing became more and more real, and was experienced in deeper ways. 

Thanks be to God!

Here are just a few testimonials, for you to start to get a feel for the potential impact of the course:​

Dave Ketelson

Nick has an amazing passion and gift to help people achieve their greatest potential. Although I hesitated to take his class because of cost and time, I couldn't be more grateful that I stepped out and dove right in.​

Flourishing for me has one major meaning...I'm truly alive in Christ. Each day when I first wake up I now think of "flourishing," and as a result, I've become more focused, hopeful, energized and purposeful.

Pastor Dave Ketelson, Senior Pastor at Hamilton Community Church Chattanooga TN. 

 Ben Wangler

In the past 2 years Nick Howard has been invaluable to me personally. He has instilled and reinforced in me the value of my soul while modeling what a healthy soul looks like. Nick has the uncanny ability to ask the right questions that bring me face to face with myself.​

I recently took Nick’s recent online Flourishing class. Nick's class is done with excellence and personality. You will get a great dose of Nick as he works to bring out the best in your soul.

As a church planter Nick's Flourishing class helped me step back and inventory my soul, breathe again, and realize that what's growing internally is far more valuable than what I'm pursuing externally. If you want to flourish (or flourish again) I can't recommend this class enough. 

Ben Wangler, Pastor at The Well Church

 Michaela Lawrence Jeffery

The most important gift that came out of this class was the gift of beginning to understand the relationship between my driven nature and my upbringing. It didn't make sense to me before but the class plus my individual sessions helped yield such necessary clarity.

I see this class positively impacting my life and work from here on because I'm more able to accept and value my limits. Consequently, I'm able to set more realistic expectations for myself (and others) instead of plowing through life and so often feeling spent and then resentful of my responsibilities.

I'd recommend this class for those who are experiencing burnout or discontent in any area of their lives.

Nick keeps things moving while allowing enough time for interaction, and it's simply essential processing for anyone who wants to flourish. The class also provides a healthy Christian framework within which to address the subject matter--we desperately need that healthy framework.​

Michaela Lawrence Jeffrey, Chaplain, Advent House, Knoxville, TN 

While it's fair to say you won't be completely transformed by the end of the 7 week class, (although that certainly would be nice!), you will have a deeper understanding of the core flourishing ideas, opportunities to get valuable feedback on your learning journey, and a chance to practice the key skills you'll need to move further into flourishing. And, you can come back to the learning over and over again because you will have lifetime access to the class videos and other supporting materials. Plus, you will have had a chance to interact with others who are longing for more of what you long for. 

Moving Further into Flourishing

How You Can Benefit From This Class

We will Explore these Vital Topics In-Depth and Provide Valuable Exercises to Support Your Transformation

Module One

Understand Your Core Calling and Deepen Your Identity in the Lord

  • Understand God's good dream for you to flourish and bear rich fruit with your life. 
  • See how a deeper understanding of your identity in God uniquely positions you to flourish.
  • As your identity in the Lord deepens, you are more equipped to deal with pressure and unrealistic expectations.

Module Two

Create Space for Flourishing

  • You will learn key concepts and practices to both accept and set limits, thereby creating space for flourishing.
  • You will begin to enjoy greater freedom and fullness as you skillfully carve out time for what matters most. 

Module Three

Embrace What Fills Your Bucket

  • We will explore key activities that support flourishing, such as embracing the Sabbath, personal retreats, and even play, and go over core biblical frameworks that will help you justify regularly investing in those activities.
  • You will have greater clarity about what uniquely fills you up, and feel more confident embracing it. 

Module Four

Find Freedom from Unhealthy Drivers

  •  We will examine unhealthy drivers such as excessive ambition, self-reliance and people-pleasing that shackle your ability to flourish.
  • We will help you find out where those drivers come from, and how to overcome them with solid biblical ideas and principles. 
  •  You will enjoy greater freedom to flourish and make more room for what matters most.

Module Five 

Live in Greater Faith

  •  Discover and grow in the facets of faith that will set you free to appropriately trust God in ways that will help you flourish. 
  • You will learn practical steps and strategies to grow in deepen your peace and trust. 

Bonus Module

Gain Clarity and Passion through Values and Vision Work

  •  You will gain (or regain) clarity and passion through this module and have access to time-tested exercises that will bring your values and vision to life. 

Wrap Up Module

  •  This wrap up time will help you review the most important takeaways, and help you ensure your forward progress. 

These roughly one hour to hour and 15 minutes modules will be taught through a live, video feed. The teachings will be interactive, with ample room for questions, to make sure the learning is hitting home.

 And yes, we will have fun and laugh too! 

 Each module will be video and audio recorded with easy access to it whenever you need it...if you miss the class or want to watch it again. You will also have access to the Powerpoints. So, you don't need to be present at the live teaching to get great things from the course. 

The short exercises to do in-between classes are designed to help you get the most out of the class. I will personally review your reflections in order to help you move towards flourishing. 

More details about the class are below, but first, let me share a bit more about myself, in case you don't know me and my background. 

About Nick

I have been drawn to understand people and leadership since I was a kid, which is now a long time ago! Life's ups and downs (including a gradual and then dramatic loss in popularity from 4th grade through 9th grade, landed me on the outside looking in...not fun at all!), made me more curious about people and why they do what they do. The Lord and some loving believers helped me grow during high school, and my deepening curiosity about how God designed humans led me to eventually major in Psychology and Organization Communications in college, and to ultimately earn my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College in 1999.

 I discovered the field of coaching in 2000. I loved the idea of helping Christian leaders grow and flourish. That led me to earn a coaching certificate in 2002 from the Hudson Institute based out of Santa Barbara CA.

As mentioned above, since 2002, I have been coaching Christian leaders and providing leadership development trainings to hundreds of leaders all across North America.  To give you a further sense for what you could experience, should you join the class, here are some gracious words from other folks who took the first class, coaching clients, and from some mentors I have had the privilege of knowing. 

Kind Words from Other Online Students  

Greg Eichelberger

 "This class has really helped me to be more alive in God. What that means for me is that my walk, my relationship with God and others, and my ministry now have more freedom, joy, and peace. I would recommend this class to anyone who is a follower of Jesus and wants to bear fruit."

Pastor Greg Eichelberger, The Rock Community Church, Romeoville, IL. 

Patti Hoover

The "Flourishing" class came at just the right time for me. I was in the middle of a difficult time and had been praying for the Lord's guidance. God used the spiritual lessons in the class to shine light on hard areas of my life I was struggling with. This class is saturated in God's grace and love; the true antidote for all the Enemy's lies.

Patti Hoover RN, BS, Upper Columbia Conference Ministerial Spouse Sponsor

Leah Norton

This class gave me time and a specific structure (classes each week, questions, etc.) to help me consider and affirm what is most important to me along with healthy and God-honoring ways to pursue those things.

I was especially challenged to find (and remember) my identity and worth is in Christ - no matter what challenges I face, how I feel about a situation, or what others may think or say. Throughout the class, there were relevant and thought-provoking stories and issues shared, encouragement, prayer and suggestions for next steps to continue growing.

Leah Norton, Director of Client Strategy and Partner, Fishhook, Inc. Indianapolis, IN. 

Brennon Kirstein

The ​most influential gift that came from the online class came from the idea that Jesus longs for me to thrive in every area of my life...and that  as I invest in personal flourishing: consistent, rhythmic blocks of retreat time with Jesus, facing my shadows, investing in my marriage-- that these disciplines allow my heart to heal and to soar.

As a result of the class, I'm now more committed to investing in core disciplines  that will help me to thrive long-term.

This class would be great for leaders who are dissatisfied with the plateau and who are restless with the status quo. Those eager to lead differently...and who have a haunting suspicion that the reason their ministry impact is limited might be because of their own heart.

Brennon Kirstein, D.Min, Chaplain, Southern Adventist University, Chattanooga TN

Kind Words from Clients 

John McDavitt

 "Nick has been an invaluable resource to me personally and to my ministry as a pastor. We have done much work together which has led me to the wonderfully hallowed ground of both greater emotional and spiritual maturity God has called Nick to 'shepherd the shepherd..." and for that I deeply grateful."

Pastor John McDavitt, The Rock Community Church, Romeoville, IL. 

Ed Wright

“The training and coaching work with Nick Howard in our conference over the past several years has truly raised our performance as leaders, strengthened our sense of community, and deepened our commitment to a shared vision. Nick has gone out of his way to understand our culture and call us toward our highest values. Investing in leadership development through Nick Howard has been undeniably worthwhile.”

Ed Wright, D.Min, President, Georgia Cumberland Conference, Seventh-day Adventists.

Vinita Sauder, PhD

I was a successful, experienced vice president with 10 years of executive leadership behind me, but I thought I'd try executive coaching. And it changed my life, literally, in so many ways. I became more powerfully equipped to navigate challenges constructively and build meaningful relationships with each student, employee, and parent I served. But the biggest transformation was the result of Nick's biblically-based approach to leadership.  He encourages leaders to get close to God, to pray over issues, to read the bible daily, and to listen to the Spirit.

Vinita Sauder, PhD. MBA, President, Union College, Lincoln Nebraska.

Mike Cauley

“I was surprised by the benefits that I received by entering into a coaching relationship with Nick Howard. I have grown as a leader in ways that I did not imagine. My skills as a leader have been increased and I have acquired a more fulfilling approach to life as a whole. Dr. Howard is a uniquely gifted Christian leadership coach who will serve you remarkably well.” 

Mike Cauley, D.Min, President, Florida Conference, Seventh-day Adventists.

Evan McBroom

“I never felt the need for leadership training or seminars – let alone one-on-one coaching. But, given where I wanted to take my organization, I sensed I needed outside perspective and guidance. Through working with Nick I've experienced incredible growth and confidence as a leader, our people are stepping into new roles through transformational conversations, and our relationship as a team has deepened--we are closer than ever before."

Evan McBroom, Owner/Creative Director, Fishhook, Inc. Indianapolis, IN. 

Mark Hanlon

“Nick Howard brought the exact right mix of leadership and personal life coaching to the table that augmented my 30 years of management and leadership experience; raising my leadership to a new level of impact and performance. I wohleheatedly endorse Nick to help you grow as a leader and navigate the challenges of a turbulent world more constructively."

 Mark Hanlon, Senior Vice President, Compassion International, Colorado Springs, CO.

Kind Words from Experts

Mark McMinn, Ph.D.

"Dr. Nick Howard is a skilled professional with a heart for God. Nick understands pastors and the culture in which they work. My research in clergy-psychologist collaboration clearly highlights the importance of pastors finding spiritual friends, such as Pastor Coaches, to support them in their ministries. Nick is such a person, gifted and called to serve the church."

Mark McMinn, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, George Fox University. 

Kevin Miller

“Nick Howard has a unique gift in helping Christian leaders. Unlike many leadership development consultants, he knows how to address core issues in a leader’s life and bring lasting, positive change. You (and your organization) will be glad you worked with him or his team.”  

  Pastor Kevin Miller, Former Executive Vice President, Christianity Today International, Wheaton, IL. 

More Aspects of the Class Offering

  • Besides the 7 one hour plus modules you will get the following to help you flourish: 
  • Support and Guidance to Get a Valuable Personal Retreat in before Thanksgiving!  You will receive a clear guide for the day to help you experience first hand the invaluable renewal and perspective that can come through a day away with God.
  • A Facebook members community that can  help you connect with your classmates and provide insight and encouragement. I will be actively supporting those discussions as well. 
  • Film Guides to Help You Move Further into  Flourishing. After 10 ten years of using films to facilitate transformation, I have picked the best movies I know of to provide key insights and motivation. We will be using clips from movies to illustrate certain points, and you are welcome to those guides to deepen your learning.  
  • The online modules will start on Tuesday October 10th, 11 am eastern standard time.
  • The modules will run through November 14th.   

But what if you could really use a personal guide to make some progress? 

Some of you might be interested in additional one-on-one support.  (As I mentioned above, guides can be a really big deal!)

Because this course is still in its early phases, and I'll ​be interested in getting some of your insights and feedback, I'm offering coaching rates at a discounted price for course members. If you'd like more individualized help to gain clarity and momentum, this might be something to consider, especially if you don't have a strong support system or you are facing major challenges. 

Pricing options for different coaching packages are listed below.

Are there any other courses like this? 

To my knowledge, there aren't any other online classes devoted to helping someone get really grounded in the perspectives and skills needed to flourish.  I believe this is a fairly unique offering to really pursue becoming more alive in God.

What about Pricing? 

Not knowing about other classes like this one has made it harder to know how to price it. And, how do you put a price on being able to set your life up to flourish and finish well? That is priceless, in a sense. My commitment though is to make the price reasonable, so it is not too tough on your budget. See below for the pricing options.

What about Enrollment Size? 

To facilitate deeper learning, the online class size will be limited to 30 students. 

I personally only have room for about 7 students for the individual coaching option.

There is a limit as well to how many students my staff can accommodate, unfortunately. 

Could it be the time for you to invest in flourishing and make real progress on what matters most? 

Here are your options for getting started:

Online Class


Get the basics you need to start flourishing!


2 Payments of $83

Online Class and Coaching with a Staff Coach

Get individual support to gain greater clarity and momentum from a staff coach.

Three 50 minute coaching sessions and the online class


2 Payments of $235

Online Class and Coaching with Nick

Get individual support to gain greater clarity and momentum from Nick.

Three 50 minute coaching sessions and the online class


2 Payments of $285

Enrollment Ends when either 30 people are registered, or Monday evening, October 9th at 9pm est



100% Money-Back Guarantee*

Honoring you well is super important to me. If within 30 days of starting the program, you feel it has not been worth the money, (and you show me your completed assignments...since your level of engagement is critical to your progress), I will happily refund the online portion of the class. I am committed to developing strong relationships with the people I serve. 

*If you have already received coaching sessions, you will be charged for any session after the first session. The first one will be on us if you decide to drop the program.

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